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  • Team Leadership Styles

    Quite interesting and practical article about styles of leadership.
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    Hi Alex, this is a very interesting ebook. I agree with the author that Leadership is about providing an environment where employees 'choose' to follow rather than 'have' to follow; there is a subtle and important difference between the two. I remember listening to Dan Pink, in a TED event, speak about Autonomy (allowing people to direct themselves), Mastery (Challenge and Stretch Goals) and Purpose (The 'Why' of what we do) being the real keys to Motivation rather than simply providing 'Incentives' such as extra pay and bonuses. These are all driven by Leadership. The ket question do you convince others of this when it is hard to put a dollar value on such intangible things?


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      Tough one. Any company which would find the answer on your question - succeeding immediately. Some examples are well known…..Google, Virgin......
      Think it’s the matter of will….internally (employer) & externally (employee).